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Although our profession is not a doctor, nothing to be worried to prevent the H5N1. There are some medical training that we can get to prevent the H5N1.

The World Health Organization explain about the indication of H5N1 in this medical training. Many various of symptoms of H5N1 such as the common cold ( fever, cough, sore throat and muscle pain ). The next phase can cause infection in the eye, pneumonia, lung disease severe ( such as acute respiratory suppression function ). Another complication is depend on type of viruses. By knowing these symptoms, we will be more responsive in dealing with preventing the spread of H5N1.

The next Medical Training is how to prevent in order to uninfected H5N1. The steps to prevent H5N1 are :
  • Stay away from all kinds of poultry

  • Avoid direct contact with animals with poultry or poultry waste.

  • Wash your hand after having activities in location that allow the spread of the virus

  • All foods derived from poultry ingredients must be thoroughly cooked, because the H5N1 virus will die by the heat

  • Maintain body resistance by maintaining a healthy lifestyle

In this medical training, you should know that the pandemic will occur, so we must provide a stock of flu antiviral for this virus. And for this time, the only drugs that available to deal with this virus is tamiflu ( Oseltamavir ). But tamiflu also has some weaknesses likes availability, the effectiveness, its effect when given together with other drugs, resistance, side effect, the patient doses and the old administration of drugs.

With the right medical training, you can keep you and your family healthy.

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