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Our earth has a lot of wealth of flora and fauna which has many health benefits. One of the wealth of flora that hasn’t known the health benefits of it is Papua Red Fruits ( Pandanus Conoideus Lam ). In Papua, the most eastern island of Indonesia with the famous of the exotic nature there are plants that have the red fruits called Papua Red Fruits ( Pandanus Conoideus Lam ). For this time the experts still analyze about the benefits of this red fruit for healthy.

The red fruits consist of beneficial nutrients or high active compound, such as Beta Karotene ( pro vitamin A ), Tokoferol ( Vitamin E ), Vitamin C, Unsaturated fatty acid like Omega 3, 6 and 9 also some minerals like Calcium, phosphorus, iron and another vitamins that good for health.

The Health Benefits of are :
  • Vitamin A in Red Fruits is useful for increase red blood cells which can treat infections and wounds in body tissue.

  • Red fruits rich with Vitamin C that useful for our immune. By consuming the red fruits, Vitamin C requirement will be fulfilled.

  • Unsaturated fatty acid can be digested and absorbed by our body easily. It can make the cholesterol getting lower. The health benefit of red fruits is also as anti biotic and strong natural antiviral which can weaken and destroy the virus lipid membrane so it can kill and inhibit the regeneration of the virus.

  • The minerals and vitamins in red fruits is very important for the growth of cells and the metabolism of body. So it can keep the healthy and stamina always excellent.

By consuming the red fruits also assist the healing process. But the most important things to keep our health is always make healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced nutritious diet, do the exercises, rest enough and stay away from stress.

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