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Cardiovascular disease is one of the deadly diseases in the world. Acute Myocardial Infarction is acute coronary syndrome that causes dead, especially in the first hours after the appearance of symptoms. By knowing the symptoms earlier, we can diagnose immediately so we don’t waste the time to save the heart muscle as much as possible and avoid the complication and fatality.Acute Coronary Syndrome characterized by an imbalance myocardial oxygen supply. It causes Acute Myocardial Infarction and chest pain.

Acute Myocardial Infarction Symptoms.

The chest pain of Acute Myocardial Infarction Symptoms usually lasted more than 20 minutes. Retrosternal spread to the jaw, back and left arm. The pain can be described as burning sensation, on top of heavy objects, such as crumpled and like tingling. Sometimes the pain is felt in epigastric area that is often interpreted as dyspepsia. Symptoms of chest pain is often followed by a cold sweat, nausea, vomiting, feeling faint, dizziness, feeling of floating and fainting ( syncope ). If the symptoms of heart disease was caused by sudden and in high intensity, it may be Acute Myocardial Infarction. Instead, the complaint can be very unclear, especially in people with diabetes mellitus and old age.

Acute Myocardial Infarction Complication.

Complications linked to heart disease causes a triad of death in hospital, ie ischemic, arrhythmias, heart failure.

Medical complications:


Complications often occur within a few hours to 48 hours since the attacks of heart disease. Patients with acute myocardial ischemia that can not be reached in the hospital to get help, most died of malignant arrhythmias. Malignant arrhythmias are life-threatening arrhytmias causing hemodynamic deterioration. These arrhythmias can be divided into 2 major parts: Bradiaritmia and Takiaritmia.

  • Bradiaritmia. Imbalance can be caused by sympathetic - parasympathetic, heart disease, especially in the inferior wall IMA. This disorder is temporary, but if the cause hemodynamic obstraction, it necessary to treat. Medical sulfas tested given atropine 0.5 mg IV, repeated every 5 minutes until a total dose of 2 mg. When the pulse response does not increase, the installation of temporary pacemaker (temporary) is the primary choice. If bradiaritmia is permanent, especially in the anterior wall of Acute Myocardial Infarction, may require a permanent pacemaker.

  • Takiaritmia. Can be derived from supraventrikuler or ventricular. Takiaritmia ventricular happened to Acute Myocardial Infarction categorized malignant arrhytmias. Ventricular Takiaritmia most responsive to therapy Lidocaine IV. Recurrent small part can be given Amiodraone IV. In the event of ventricular fibrillation conducted according to standart protocol defibrilasi. Prophylactic lidocaine on the Acute Myocardial Infarction routinely is not recommended.

Heart Failure.

Complications of heart disease is the second commonest, especially in anterior wall myocardial, large anterior because contractile elements damaged. In the anterior Acute Myocardial Infarction to watch, a sign :

  • Tachycardia is not clear why (> 110 x / min).

  • Tend hypotension

  • Patient anxiety, decreased tissue perfusion

  • Breathing frequency increased

  • Decreased urine production

  • Physical examination found bilateral ronki wet, Gallop, noisy mitral regurgitation

All the above signs is a sign of left heart failure.

Heart disease mortality Acute Myocardial Infarction with cardiogenic shock 80 %. The principle of treatment is to increase coronary flow, reduced cardiac work and improve the flow of systemic. Besides the general resuscitation measures on heart disease remain to be done that is oxygen - ventilation, correction of electrolyte, acid base, eliminate pain and maintain sinus rhythm. Dopamine and dobutamin used to improve contractility and to maintain blood pressure.

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On 6 – 12 months old, your baby usually growth and it will surprised you. The growth of her physically, intellectual, language and also emosional, social and her independence. To get their express ‘ evolution ‘, you need some healthcare jobs to stimulate their ability. And to get the maximal result you have to do these stimulation early. The biggest benefit of these stimulation will influence their kognitif and pre academic. But the most of all, the most important of these stimulation is your behaviour and involvement during you play with them. And here some healthcare job that will help you to stimulate your 6 – 12 months old.


  • To stimulate their talking ability.Try to teach them calling ‘ mommy and daddy ‘, call her name or you mention some simple words repeatly. It also will stimulate their ability in listening, language, emotion and cognitif.

  • To stimulate their low motoric and their stability on moving. Try to ask her sitting, crawling, standing and standing while holding something around her.

  • To stimulate their soft motoric, visual coordination, cognitif and independent. Ask her to clap or wave her hands together with you or pointing something that far from her.

9 – 12 MONTHS OLD.

  • To stimulate their talking ability.Stimulate their sight, listening, their language, cognitive and ability of their communication. You can mention the names of your family like mommy-daddy, sisters or brothers and also some other words that familiar with the baby.

  • To stimulate their low motoric and their stability on moving.Like on 6 – 9 months old, you can ask your baby to walk while holding something around her, like chair or table. Just make sure that they do it safely.

  • To stimulate their soft motoric, visual coordination, kognitif and independent.Ask her to put ball into box or pail and then ask her to take it back. Teach her to drink using the glass and directing something like ball to another one.



As usual, on 6 months old and over, the babies began to be introduced to formula milk as their healthy food. Especially for working mother. You start to introduce the formula milk as the breast milk substitutes. Some of you may be have the some difficulty to introduce milk formula to your babies, because some of them don’t like it. So it will be your concern that their nutritious is not enough it will influence their growth.

Actually, the formula milk not affect to much to the babies. Although the formula milk contain a lot of elements that needed by your babies, especially vitamins and calcium that very important for their tooth and bones. If your baby doesn’t like it, you can get the important elements from the healthy food for baby that make on milk based, like ice cream, porridge with cheese, milk biscuits and yoghurt.

Here is some tips to introduce the formula milk to your baby :
  • In the first week, try to mix breast milk and formula milk by comparison 60 ml breast milk + 2 spoon of formula milk. Make sure that milk has up in one hour.

  • In the second week, try to mix the milk with composition 1 : 1.

  • Do this way continuously on the third and fourth week, while you reducing the breast milk and add composition of formula milk until you can give pure formula milk.

There is no formula milk is 100 % good or not good, because breast milk is the best for babies. So adjust the brand milk according your babies needs.



Many of you may want your baby to sleep through the night. But as many new parents can tell you, it's a sight they don't see nearly often enough. Here is some tips to make your baby bedtime easier.
  • Your baby loves to be gently rocked and swayed, its caused when your baby in womb, your walking motions lulled her to sleep. Keep noise and activity to a minimum and create some comfort rituals for him like reading a book or singing an humming a quiet song. Some babies also comfort on music.
  • A little whimpering upon waking is normal. Although you should still go to your baby when she cries, give her a little time (five minutes or so) to whimper and cry. She may settle down on her own and go back to sleep.
  • Rub your baby gently and speak softly to reassure her that you are there. She may have a favourite soft toy or blanket to snuggle up to at night. Such familiar things will make your baby feel safe.
  • Put your baby to bed while she's still awake. This way she'll have practice falling asleep in her own bed. If she's fed or rocked to sound sleep, she'll expect the same service in the middle of the night.
  • If you need to feed or change your baby, do it quickly and quietly, without turning on the lights. Don't talk to your baby or play with her at this time. This will teach your baby that nothing exciting happens in the night and that talking and playing only happen during the day.
  • Babies don't care whether they sleep at night and stay awake during the day, or the other way around. It's up to parents to teach them which is better.

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There's nothing like the sight of a peacefully sleeping baby. A newborn usually sleeps between 16 and 19 hours per day, often waking every two to three hours to eat. Until my lovely daughter always said why the baby always sleep all day ? Actually some babies are long sleepers and some are catnappers. Some are very regular and others are very irregular.

How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need ?

Sleep is an important factor in all our lives. When we sleep, we rest and our body is able to renew its energy. It is quite natural that we spend a lot of time talking about how we have slept and whether our babies have slept and how much.

Sleep is also important because of dreams. When we dream, we process all the events of daily life. Getting a good night's sleep, therefore, influences our psychological wellbeing.

Sleeping well is often a result of having good sleeping habits, which parents are responsible for teaching to their children. Written by Dr Stuart Crisp, paediatric specialist registrar.


A newborn usually sleeps between 16 and 19 hours per day, often waking every two to three hours to eat. He needs to sleep and feed around the clock to grow and develop correctly. He doesn’t know the difference between night and day.

During the day, talk to your baby more while you feed her. Keep it light and bright. At night, be more subdued and quiet and keep the lighting down . It will teach them to make different between night and day. And it make her catch on and begin to sleep more at night.

How much sleep does a three-month-old need?

A three-month-old baby usually sleeps between 13 and 15 hours per day. But they still need to wake up to eat during the night. Although their pattern is starting to become more regular, it's also starting to vary. Follow their lead. It's too early for a set schedule, and trying to force one on their wouldn't be healthy.

Your baby will sleep most of these hours at night and will stay awake much longer during the day, although they'll be working their way toward three naps a day. As always, this varies with the baby. And don't be surprised if your baby starts to be "hyperawake" and crying in the late afternoon or evening. This fussiness is normal. When they do settle, they’re likely to sleep longer.

How much sleep does an infant need from 6 to 12 months?

The average 6-month-old sleeps about 11 hours each night and has settled into two naps of about one to two hours, usually in the morning and afternoon. Your baby is starting to get more opinionated, however. This is your last chance to decide where you want her to sleep without her becoming a vocal part of the decision-making process. Developing firm bedtime routines will help her get herself to sleep and stay asleep.

If your baby wakes up at night, it is now all right to let five minutes pass before you go to her. By now you will probably recognise your baby's different cries for when she is hungry, tired or in pain.

In this period, your baby can sleep through the night, with no need for midnight snacks or early-morning conversations unless you want to spend this time with your baby or are trying to keep up your milk supply.

Always remember, that there will be times when your baby will wake up during the night, no matter what. Be aware during these times, especially if the change in his sleeping pattern is sudden. This may indicate he is going through a growth spurt and needs extra feedings, or it could be the first signs of an oncoming illness.



Ear Candle Therapy ( ECT ), Primarily intended to clean the ear and make healthy hearing, sinus and throat relief. This therapy also can relieve sinusitis, inflammation of mucous membranes, migrain, some types of hearing loss, loss of balance, tinnitus ( buzzing ears ), vertigo and Meniere’s syndrome.

Equipments needed for ECT are earwax (a funnel ± 1.5 cm in diameter, made of honeycombed, high quality linen, chamomile and sage ). Another tools is hollowed candle mat to prevent splinters of burned funnel into the ear. Besides that, there is also a tools to observe the ears, to see whether the ear infection / inflammation, ulcers or fungi.

There are two physical moments involved in ETC :
  • Burning briefly, reduce pressure of air inside the earcandle. And vibrations energies give the sensation of warm air up into the ear. This warm sensation go up into the ear hole.

  • In the ear, the warmth stimulates the blood vessels, raise the immune system and strengthen the spleen tissue. And at the same way, a reflect acupuncture points are stimulated.

The result of this difference pressure, earwax would be lifted up, forming a long line. Various kind of unsure can raised with dirt, such as fungi ( whitish).

Various health problems which culminated in the head especially the organ of hearing, can be cured by ECT. Headache, eternal otitis, sinusitis and even vertigo can be eliminati with ETC. The warm sensation of the heat of candle and chamomile aromatherapy and sage will give calm and comfort effects. Long therapy depends on the existing case, and the using of earwax too. If only to clean, it takes two earwaxes each one ear. For hard dirt or vetigo, it needs six earwaxes.

One earwax takes 15 minutes burning time. So to clean the ear takes ± 60 minutes. This therapy is recommended two or three times or depending on the case.



Some people may be unfamiliar with Thalassemia. Thalassemia is genetic disorder. People with Thalassemia, the age of red blood cells is very short, usually under or half the normal number of 120. This is due to defect in one gene of hemoglobin-forming substance ( globin gene alpha or globin gene beta ), so the the production of hemoglobin decrease or none. This disorder causes red blood cells getting smaller and not able to take the oxygen and break easily. To keep the normal condition, patients requiring blood subsidies once a month at least, because if not, they will be weak and lead to death.

Giving blood transfusions can affect the accumulation of iron that can lead to the possibility of heart damaged, liver and hormone glands. This iron accumulation can be anticipated by giving deferoxamine infusion for 8 – 12 hours per day in 5 to 7 a week. This treatment is very expensive. Luckily it’s been found the oral medicine deferasirox that consumed once a day.

Thalassemia Minor and Major

Thalassemia minor also called Trait Thalassemia / congenital. Patients with Thalassemia look like a normal person with a little anemic, but their children will have Thalassemia Major.

Major Thalassemia is inherited anemia. Marriage among Thalassemia gene carrier will produce Thalassemia Major pedigree which until now have not found the cure. Treatment can be done is getting blood transfusion for at least 4 weeks.

Symptoms of Thalassemia

The main symptoms are anemia ( the shortage of red blood cells accompanied by other complications in the system of production and distribution ( system hemopoetic ). Another symptoms, like : pale skin color most likely to turn blue, even blackened, Mongoloid facial ( facies cooley ), ther is jaundice, splenomegali and hepatomegaly caused enlarged abdomen ( the influence of lien and liver enlargement ), growth disorders and appetite disorders. On the type of Beta-Thalassemia Major, patients can have Jaundice, ulcers, gallstones and enlarged spleen. Children with Thalassemia will have growth disorders and enlargement bone thickening especially the head and facial bones. Its become weak and break easily, can occur if bone marrow is too active.

Handling of Thalassemia

The most effective treatment is getting blood transfusion of a lifetime and maintaining the Hemoglobin levels is always equal to or above 12 g/dl and anticipates the side effects. Bone marrow transplant also can be done. Bone marrow tissue of patients is replaced by the same bone marrow tissue of donor. In this case the cost is very expensive. Ironically, almost all Thalassemia patient is come from the poor families. And the other problem is the thalassemia patients have to share blood with accident victims also desperately need more blood. So to help people with thalassemia is not only a material but can also just give sympathy and sincere smile.

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Our earth has a lot of wealth of flora and fauna which has many health benefits. One of the wealth of flora that hasn’t known the health benefits of it is Papua Red Fruits ( Pandanus Conoideus Lam ). In Papua, the most eastern island of Indonesia with the famous of the exotic nature there are plants that have the red fruits called Papua Red Fruits ( Pandanus Conoideus Lam ). For this time the experts still analyze about the benefits of this red fruit for healthy.

The red fruits consist of beneficial nutrients or high active compound, such as Beta Karotene ( pro vitamin A ), Tokoferol ( Vitamin E ), Vitamin C, Unsaturated fatty acid like Omega 3, 6 and 9 also some minerals like Calcium, phosphorus, iron and another vitamins that good for health.

The Health Benefits of are :
  • Vitamin A in Red Fruits is useful for increase red blood cells which can treat infections and wounds in body tissue.

  • Red fruits rich with Vitamin C that useful for our immune. By consuming the red fruits, Vitamin C requirement will be fulfilled.

  • Unsaturated fatty acid can be digested and absorbed by our body easily. It can make the cholesterol getting lower. The health benefit of red fruits is also as anti biotic and strong natural antiviral which can weaken and destroy the virus lipid membrane so it can kill and inhibit the regeneration of the virus.

  • The minerals and vitamins in red fruits is very important for the growth of cells and the metabolism of body. So it can keep the healthy and stamina always excellent.

By consuming the red fruits also assist the healing process. But the most important things to keep our health is always make healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced nutritious diet, do the exercises, rest enough and stay away from stress.

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Diabetes foot is one of chronical complication that on diabetes mellitus. Many factors that can be related with diabetic food, such as neuropathy, infection, abnormality vascular. So therapy that given is according to dominant mechanisms. With the optimal early detection, the diabetes mellitus patient expected to be spared from Diabetes Foot problem.

If there are abnormality structural or getting injuries on foot, the right medical job action should be taken to avoid the amputation. Besides the medical service, the successful of this treatment depend on another factors, like the severe of infection, availability of antibiotics, control of blood glucose, another complication, vascular abnormality, the times getting sufference of dibetes mellitus.


Setting medical interdisciplinary approach is the optimal way to improve the clinical results of prophylactic and medical treatment of all types of problem wounds. Complex and multifaceted nature of the wounds in an individual with diabetes requires coordinated multidisciplinary approach. Medical Job should be taken by medical wound care team may include some or one the following disciplines : family physicians, diabetologists, nurses, dietitians, vascular surgeons, podiatrists, nurse injuries, diabetes educators and orthotists.

The following guidelines can be used for medical job on the wound for healing support :
  • Cleaning wound. Do not use skin cleanser or antiseptic agents to clean the wound.

  • Use the steril water or a non cytotoxic wound cleanser to clean the wound

  • Liquid used for cleaning the wound should be warmed at least according to room temperature.

  • Clean the wound at the beginning and at every change in wound.

  • To reduce surface bacteria and tissue trauma, the wound should be gently irrigated with a solution of 100 –150 cc. Irrigation is using pressure to improve the cleaning of the wound without causing trauma to the wound.


Medical job for providing medical or safety bandage wounds has several important functions for injuries including :

  • Avoid the moisture

  • Control of wound exudates and keep dry surrounding the skin

  • Provide thermal insulation

  • Protects from contamination of outside micro organisms

  • Maintaining the integrity and does not leave fibers or foreign bodies in the wound.

  • No cause traumatic injuries when opening verban.

  • Simple to handle and efficient on cost and time.

Hopefully these tips can be useful to get the right action for handling diabetes injuries.



Although our profession is not a doctor, nothing to be worried to prevent the H5N1. There are some medical training that we can get to prevent the H5N1.

The World Health Organization explain about the indication of H5N1 in this medical training. Many various of symptoms of H5N1 such as the common cold ( fever, cough, sore throat and muscle pain ). The next phase can cause infection in the eye, pneumonia, lung disease severe ( such as acute respiratory suppression function ). Another complication is depend on type of viruses. By knowing these symptoms, we will be more responsive in dealing with preventing the spread of H5N1.

The next Medical Training is how to prevent in order to uninfected H5N1. The steps to prevent H5N1 are :
  • Stay away from all kinds of poultry

  • Avoid direct contact with animals with poultry or poultry waste.

  • Wash your hand after having activities in location that allow the spread of the virus

  • All foods derived from poultry ingredients must be thoroughly cooked, because the H5N1 virus will die by the heat

  • Maintain body resistance by maintaining a healthy lifestyle

In this medical training, you should know that the pandemic will occur, so we must provide a stock of flu antiviral for this virus. And for this time, the only drugs that available to deal with this virus is tamiflu ( Oseltamavir ). But tamiflu also has some weaknesses likes availability, the effectiveness, its effect when given together with other drugs, resistance, side effect, the patient doses and the old administration of drugs.

With the right medical training, you can keep you and your family healthy.

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In this time, so many people never pays some attention on medical insurance. Many medical insurance companies promise that they will give the best services. But no matter if we have to be more selective to choose one of it. We have to confirm it with our necessity. Following is some tips to choose the medical insurances:


Only a few of medical insurance has the credibility on guaranteed the user on their health. Especially when they should pay the funds for health cost for their members. Too many requirements that make some difficulty to withdraw funds for their members.

Medical Insurance Companies should have connection with good credibility healthy services or hospital too. Otherwise, the healthy services or hospital that has no good services or credibility will be impacted to the users.

Medical Insurance Companies as usual put the expensive cost that should be paid by the members. But too many requirements that make some difficulty to withdraw funds for their members. Cost is important thing in economic principals. Expenditure by nicety and we can get profit maximization. It should be applied.

Make sure that you have Medical Insurance Certificate. It consists of information about references that you need to claim your insurance. It should have 24 hours service call to make your contact easier.

Many medical insurance companies try to promote their products. Just make sure that you choose the right Medical Insurance according the limit fees and special condition that can be certified. Because some of Medical Insurance only takes costs on emergency case only.



There are many illnesses that can disrupt the kid healthy. One of it is tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an infection that caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bactery. Besides get at pulmonary, it also get at another part of our body. It include to air born disease. If the people around you have the tuberculosis, you have to be careful with your kid because their healthy can be infected by tuberculosis.

The indication of getting Tuberculosis

It is difficult to diagnose the tuberculosis on kid. Because there some cases that can’t be found to adult cases. The real indication of tuberculosis sometimes can’t be shown to the children. Like cough, fever and getting sweat in the night. Besides that, it’s more difficult to get the sputum of the kids for laboratory analysis. So the result of analysis about breeding bacteria and drug sensitivity of adults should be the base to determine the children that infected by tuberculosis.

How the tuberculosis infected to your kids

There are some high risks that causing your kids infected by tuberculosis. Likes:

  • Live in the same house with the people that get the active tuberculosis.

  • Get HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infected or another disease that can be causing the kid healthy and immunity getting down.

  • Born in the country with high cases of tuberculosis.

  • Live in the environment that have the poor health services and sanitary.

The therapy for children who get the tuberculosis.

To determine the kid healthy if getting tuberculosis, will be tested by tuberculin on the kid’s skin. If its positive, it will be treated by ISONIAZID ( INH ) everyday about 6 – 9 months along. It depend on the age and kid healthy.

How to prevent the tuberculosis on kids.

Tuberculosis is not infected by kids to another kid. It is transmitted by adults. So we have to antisipate with diagnosing adults that getting tuberculosis around us as soon as possible. So keep your kid healthy by living in good environment and sanitary.



Healthy skin is very influential on the beauty. Not only the skin of the face, healthy skin also observed throughout the surface of the skin of our body. Especially on 45 years old, your skin should be more attention. It’s caused the elasticity of skin usually reduce and its getting wrinkles. It’s one of a sign of aging. One needed to keep your healthy skin is collagen. Collagen is protein that keeps the elasticity of skin. But it will reduce along with age. Ultraviolet have a great effect on healthy skin. The effects of ultraviolet make the fiber of collagen getting affect. Effect of affection of collagen to healthy skin is causing the skin become thinner and gets some wrinkles especially on face and hand.

Here is some tips for your healthy skin :

Avoid the sun exposure.

Ultraviolet can be the main cause of defect of collagen, so avoid the sun exposure whenever it’s possible. It’s not good for your healthy skin.

Avoid the free radicals.

The second tips are avoids the free radicals. The smoke of cigarette with nicotine inside can make the blood vessel contract so the skin getting oxygen deficiency. So to keep you healthy skin, avoid the smoke of cigarette and stop smoking.

Healthy Diet

The third tips are eating more fruits and fresh vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very good for your healthy skin. It’s rich with anti oxidants and vitamin A, C and E will neutralize the free radicals.

Mineral Water

Two liters of water is good for healthy skin. It helps to detoxification of our body so the skin looks shiny.

Enough Sleep

Enough sleep is very influential on healthy skin, because it will renew the cells of skin. When sleeping time, the blood will flow the oxygen and nutrients to the skin. When sleeping, the muscles and digestion system in rest condition.

Take a regular exercise

Regular exercise increases the bloodstream in our body, so it will increase the collagen production that very useful for your healthy skin.

Clean up the skin.

The dirt on skin will make it looks dull. So clean your skin regularly.

Take a positive thinking.

Avoid the stress with positive thinking. Because stress can take affect of your healthy skin.



Many healthy jobs that you should do to keep your kids dental hygiene. The foods that consumed by the children can make the teeth decay. It is caused email not too strong and fail easily. You must be proud if your children have health teeth. By doing the healthy jobs below, you can keep and caring your children teeth to stay health:
  • Healthy job by asking your child to brush his teeth every morning and before bed time is recommended. During sleep germs and dirt can damage the outer layer of teeth, so it causing the teeth will be porous.
  • After eating the sweet food like chocolate, healthy jobs that you can do is asking them to drink warm water. Warm water can dissolve the remaining chocolate or food that stick to teeth.
  • If your kid still using baby bottle, you have to know that by letting your kid with pacifier or milk inside her mouth for a long time and not swallowed it quickly also take impact on dental health and hygiene. The bacteria in mouth will use sugar and carbohydrates in milk to make acid. This acid will crack up the surface of the tooth.
  • Healthy jobs for Dental hygiene that examined in terms of age of children :
  1. For 0 – 6 months old, clean the surface of gums every after meal.

  2. For 6 months – 3 years old, use the soft toothbrush to clean her teeth. Choose a small toothbrush soft, fluffy and with a round brush head.

  3. For 3 – 6 years old, use a little toothpaste and toothbrush smooth surface.
  • Another healthy recipes that you should do is don’t give too much sweet food like candies or chocolate to kids, because it was feared the sweetest of candy is made from artificial sweeteners are not good for their health and dental hygiene.
  • Avoid giving food or drink that is too hot or too cold to your kids continuously also one of healthy jobs that you should do to keep your children teeth healthy. Because if they consume food or drink that too hot or too cold it can damage the outer layer of teeth and this certainly affects the health and hygiene dental.

Hopefully these healthy jobs on dental hygiene can make your children be a healthy child with a healthy smile.

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Healthy Food is very good for our health. Our nutrition is also affected by the consumption of healthy food. With healthy food, vitamins are expected by our body will be fulfilled. One example of healthy food is Fish Oil.
Why Fish Oil can be Categorized as healthy food ?

One of requirement of healthy food is nutrient contained in it. As we all know, having the fish oil is being the tradition of Asia people or also on another world. May be we don’t know a lot of health benefits of healthy food like fish oil. Maybe you are one of them since childhood was always taught by parents to always consume one tablespoon of fish oil each day.

Fish oil is taken from the part of fish fat that lives in cold sea, such as Cod liver oil. Many experts make some research about this healthy food. Fish oil contains a lot of nutrition that very useful for our body. Content of this healthy food is:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid ( EPA )
  • Docosahexanoic ( DHA )
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D

According the experts, healthy food like fish oil has many benefits for our health, such as :

  • Reduce trigliserida
  • Anti inflammatory
  • An anti trombotik
  • Could increase the endurance
  • Good for bone.

This healthy food also can be used for reduce the risk of blood clots early, prevent the next effect of coronary angioplasty, relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps to avoid recurrence of Crohn disease. But for this time the experts still not found the new effect of fish oil yet and they still analyze on it. But according to the people who consumes this healthy food, they get many benefits of it, especially for healthy and child intelligence.

The price of fish oil is relatively cheap, so it doesn’t matter to try consuming this healthy food right now. And you will get so many benefits one of this healthy food.


Pregnant women should pay attention on eating healthy. Especially for pregnant women on vegetarian diet. They don’t consume animal product, like milk. As known that milk is rich with calcium. Pregnant women should consume large amount of calcium. So it should be taken from calcium supplement.
According health professionals, no harmful if pregnant women having vegetarian diet during pregnancy, but they have to care about eating healthy like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals to fulfill the nutritional that she and her baby needed.Eating healthy can create the condition conducive for health of mother and the baby. As we know that during pregnancy, the caloric needed is increase up to 300 caloric than the normal condition. The right healthy eating should be consider to :


During first three months, 300 caloric is enough for pregnant women and these needs can be fulfilled by consume milk products like ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, chocolate cake and also having crackers. But crackers only contain a little of caloric, so pregnant women should have it more often.


So many choices of food with high protein, especially vegetables protein like soybeans. Soybeans have good protein which is not converted into fat. It’s different with the protein that found in meat. In meat, some of protein absorbed will be converted to be fat.


Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamin. Vitamin A, B and E is found in green vegetable. Besides rich with vitamin, green vegetable also consist of folic acid and riboflavin. Vitamin C could be found in fruits like orange, apple, papaya, guava and etc. While vitamin D can be obtained from the sun. Therefore get the sun under 8.00 am.


Calcium, Potassium, Zinc and Iron is an important minerals that required by pregnant women. Calcium is found in milk and its products. Fruits and vegetables like banana, coconut is rich with potassium. Zinc can be found in foods that rich with vitamin B like corn and beans. Iron is very important to keep normality hemoglobin and it found in spinach and another green vegetables.

By keeping eating healthy, pregnant women can keep their healthy until she gets birth her baby in healthy condition too.