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There are many illnesses that can disrupt the kid healthy. One of it is tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an infection that caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bactery. Besides get at pulmonary, it also get at another part of our body. It include to air born disease. If the people around you have the tuberculosis, you have to be careful with your kid because their healthy can be infected by tuberculosis.

The indication of getting Tuberculosis

It is difficult to diagnose the tuberculosis on kid. Because there some cases that can’t be found to adult cases. The real indication of tuberculosis sometimes can’t be shown to the children. Like cough, fever and getting sweat in the night. Besides that, it’s more difficult to get the sputum of the kids for laboratory analysis. So the result of analysis about breeding bacteria and drug sensitivity of adults should be the base to determine the children that infected by tuberculosis.

How the tuberculosis infected to your kids

There are some high risks that causing your kids infected by tuberculosis. Likes:

  • Live in the same house with the people that get the active tuberculosis.

  • Get HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infected or another disease that can be causing the kid healthy and immunity getting down.

  • Born in the country with high cases of tuberculosis.

  • Live in the environment that have the poor health services and sanitary.

The therapy for children who get the tuberculosis.

To determine the kid healthy if getting tuberculosis, will be tested by tuberculin on the kid’s skin. If its positive, it will be treated by ISONIAZID ( INH ) everyday about 6 – 9 months along. It depend on the age and kid healthy.

How to prevent the tuberculosis on kids.

Tuberculosis is not infected by kids to another kid. It is transmitted by adults. So we have to antisipate with diagnosing adults that getting tuberculosis around us as soon as possible. So keep your kid healthy by living in good environment and sanitary.

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