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Ear Candle Therapy ( ECT ), Primarily intended to clean the ear and make healthy hearing, sinus and throat relief. This therapy also can relieve sinusitis, inflammation of mucous membranes, migrain, some types of hearing loss, loss of balance, tinnitus ( buzzing ears ), vertigo and Meniere’s syndrome.

Equipments needed for ECT are earwax (a funnel ± 1.5 cm in diameter, made of honeycombed, high quality linen, chamomile and sage ). Another tools is hollowed candle mat to prevent splinters of burned funnel into the ear. Besides that, there is also a tools to observe the ears, to see whether the ear infection / inflammation, ulcers or fungi.

There are two physical moments involved in ETC :
  • Burning briefly, reduce pressure of air inside the earcandle. And vibrations energies give the sensation of warm air up into the ear. This warm sensation go up into the ear hole.

  • In the ear, the warmth stimulates the blood vessels, raise the immune system and strengthen the spleen tissue. And at the same way, a reflect acupuncture points are stimulated.

The result of this difference pressure, earwax would be lifted up, forming a long line. Various kind of unsure can raised with dirt, such as fungi ( whitish).

Various health problems which culminated in the head especially the organ of hearing, can be cured by ECT. Headache, eternal otitis, sinusitis and even vertigo can be eliminati with ETC. The warm sensation of the heat of candle and chamomile aromatherapy and sage will give calm and comfort effects. Long therapy depends on the existing case, and the using of earwax too. If only to clean, it takes two earwaxes each one ear. For hard dirt or vetigo, it needs six earwaxes.

One earwax takes 15 minutes burning time. So to clean the ear takes ± 60 minutes. This therapy is recommended two or three times or depending on the case.

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