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There's nothing like the sight of a peacefully sleeping baby. A newborn usually sleeps between 16 and 19 hours per day, often waking every two to three hours to eat. Until my lovely daughter always said why the baby always sleep all day ? Actually some babies are long sleepers and some are catnappers. Some are very regular and others are very irregular.

How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need ?

Sleep is an important factor in all our lives. When we sleep, we rest and our body is able to renew its energy. It is quite natural that we spend a lot of time talking about how we have slept and whether our babies have slept and how much.

Sleep is also important because of dreams. When we dream, we process all the events of daily life. Getting a good night's sleep, therefore, influences our psychological wellbeing.

Sleeping well is often a result of having good sleeping habits, which parents are responsible for teaching to their children. Written by Dr Stuart Crisp, paediatric specialist registrar.


A newborn usually sleeps between 16 and 19 hours per day, often waking every two to three hours to eat. He needs to sleep and feed around the clock to grow and develop correctly. He doesn’t know the difference between night and day.

During the day, talk to your baby more while you feed her. Keep it light and bright. At night, be more subdued and quiet and keep the lighting down . It will teach them to make different between night and day. And it make her catch on and begin to sleep more at night.

How much sleep does a three-month-old need?

A three-month-old baby usually sleeps between 13 and 15 hours per day. But they still need to wake up to eat during the night. Although their pattern is starting to become more regular, it's also starting to vary. Follow their lead. It's too early for a set schedule, and trying to force one on their wouldn't be healthy.

Your baby will sleep most of these hours at night and will stay awake much longer during the day, although they'll be working their way toward three naps a day. As always, this varies with the baby. And don't be surprised if your baby starts to be "hyperawake" and crying in the late afternoon or evening. This fussiness is normal. When they do settle, they’re likely to sleep longer.

How much sleep does an infant need from 6 to 12 months?

The average 6-month-old sleeps about 11 hours each night and has settled into two naps of about one to two hours, usually in the morning and afternoon. Your baby is starting to get more opinionated, however. This is your last chance to decide where you want her to sleep without her becoming a vocal part of the decision-making process. Developing firm bedtime routines will help her get herself to sleep and stay asleep.

If your baby wakes up at night, it is now all right to let five minutes pass before you go to her. By now you will probably recognise your baby's different cries for when she is hungry, tired or in pain.

In this period, your baby can sleep through the night, with no need for midnight snacks or early-morning conversations unless you want to spend this time with your baby or are trying to keep up your milk supply.

Always remember, that there will be times when your baby will wake up during the night, no matter what. Be aware during these times, especially if the change in his sleeping pattern is sudden. This may indicate he is going through a growth spurt and needs extra feedings, or it could be the first signs of an oncoming illness.

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