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Diabetes foot is one of chronical complication that on diabetes mellitus. Many factors that can be related with diabetic food, such as neuropathy, infection, abnormality vascular. So therapy that given is according to dominant mechanisms. With the optimal early detection, the diabetes mellitus patient expected to be spared from Diabetes Foot problem.

If there are abnormality structural or getting injuries on foot, the right medical job action should be taken to avoid the amputation. Besides the medical service, the successful of this treatment depend on another factors, like the severe of infection, availability of antibiotics, control of blood glucose, another complication, vascular abnormality, the times getting sufference of dibetes mellitus.


Setting medical interdisciplinary approach is the optimal way to improve the clinical results of prophylactic and medical treatment of all types of problem wounds. Complex and multifaceted nature of the wounds in an individual with diabetes requires coordinated multidisciplinary approach. Medical Job should be taken by medical wound care team may include some or one the following disciplines : family physicians, diabetologists, nurses, dietitians, vascular surgeons, podiatrists, nurse injuries, diabetes educators and orthotists.

The following guidelines can be used for medical job on the wound for healing support :
  • Cleaning wound. Do not use skin cleanser or antiseptic agents to clean the wound.

  • Use the steril water or a non cytotoxic wound cleanser to clean the wound

  • Liquid used for cleaning the wound should be warmed at least according to room temperature.

  • Clean the wound at the beginning and at every change in wound.

  • To reduce surface bacteria and tissue trauma, the wound should be gently irrigated with a solution of 100 –150 cc. Irrigation is using pressure to improve the cleaning of the wound without causing trauma to the wound.


Medical job for providing medical or safety bandage wounds has several important functions for injuries including :

  • Avoid the moisture

  • Control of wound exudates and keep dry surrounding the skin

  • Provide thermal insulation

  • Protects from contamination of outside micro organisms

  • Maintaining the integrity and does not leave fibers or foreign bodies in the wound.

  • No cause traumatic injuries when opening verban.

  • Simple to handle and efficient on cost and time.

Hopefully these tips can be useful to get the right action for handling diabetes injuries.

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