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Many healthy jobs that you should do to keep your kids dental hygiene. The foods that consumed by the children can make the teeth decay. It is caused email not too strong and fail easily. You must be proud if your children have health teeth. By doing the healthy jobs below, you can keep and caring your children teeth to stay health:
  • Healthy job by asking your child to brush his teeth every morning and before bed time is recommended. During sleep germs and dirt can damage the outer layer of teeth, so it causing the teeth will be porous.
  • After eating the sweet food like chocolate, healthy jobs that you can do is asking them to drink warm water. Warm water can dissolve the remaining chocolate or food that stick to teeth.
  • If your kid still using baby bottle, you have to know that by letting your kid with pacifier or milk inside her mouth for a long time and not swallowed it quickly also take impact on dental health and hygiene. The bacteria in mouth will use sugar and carbohydrates in milk to make acid. This acid will crack up the surface of the tooth.
  • Healthy jobs for Dental hygiene that examined in terms of age of children :
  1. For 0 – 6 months old, clean the surface of gums every after meal.

  2. For 6 months – 3 years old, use the soft toothbrush to clean her teeth. Choose a small toothbrush soft, fluffy and with a round brush head.

  3. For 3 – 6 years old, use a little toothpaste and toothbrush smooth surface.
  • Another healthy recipes that you should do is don’t give too much sweet food like candies or chocolate to kids, because it was feared the sweetest of candy is made from artificial sweeteners are not good for their health and dental hygiene.
  • Avoid giving food or drink that is too hot or too cold to your kids continuously also one of healthy jobs that you should do to keep your children teeth healthy. Because if they consume food or drink that too hot or too cold it can damage the outer layer of teeth and this certainly affects the health and hygiene dental.

Hopefully these healthy jobs on dental hygiene can make your children be a healthy child with a healthy smile.

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