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Healthy skin is very influential on the beauty. Not only the skin of the face, healthy skin also observed throughout the surface of the skin of our body. Especially on 45 years old, your skin should be more attention. It’s caused the elasticity of skin usually reduce and its getting wrinkles. It’s one of a sign of aging. One needed to keep your healthy skin is collagen. Collagen is protein that keeps the elasticity of skin. But it will reduce along with age. Ultraviolet have a great effect on healthy skin. The effects of ultraviolet make the fiber of collagen getting affect. Effect of affection of collagen to healthy skin is causing the skin become thinner and gets some wrinkles especially on face and hand.

Here is some tips for your healthy skin :

Avoid the sun exposure.

Ultraviolet can be the main cause of defect of collagen, so avoid the sun exposure whenever it’s possible. It’s not good for your healthy skin.

Avoid the free radicals.

The second tips are avoids the free radicals. The smoke of cigarette with nicotine inside can make the blood vessel contract so the skin getting oxygen deficiency. So to keep you healthy skin, avoid the smoke of cigarette and stop smoking.

Healthy Diet

The third tips are eating more fruits and fresh vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very good for your healthy skin. It’s rich with anti oxidants and vitamin A, C and E will neutralize the free radicals.

Mineral Water

Two liters of water is good for healthy skin. It helps to detoxification of our body so the skin looks shiny.

Enough Sleep

Enough sleep is very influential on healthy skin, because it will renew the cells of skin. When sleeping time, the blood will flow the oxygen and nutrients to the skin. When sleeping, the muscles and digestion system in rest condition.

Take a regular exercise

Regular exercise increases the bloodstream in our body, so it will increase the collagen production that very useful for your healthy skin.

Clean up the skin.

The dirt on skin will make it looks dull. So clean your skin regularly.

Take a positive thinking.

Avoid the stress with positive thinking. Because stress can take affect of your healthy skin.

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