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As usual, on 6 months old and over, the babies began to be introduced to formula milk as their healthy food. Especially for working mother. You start to introduce the formula milk as the breast milk substitutes. Some of you may be have the some difficulty to introduce milk formula to your babies, because some of them don’t like it. So it will be your concern that their nutritious is not enough it will influence their growth.

Actually, the formula milk not affect to much to the babies. Although the formula milk contain a lot of elements that needed by your babies, especially vitamins and calcium that very important for their tooth and bones. If your baby doesn’t like it, you can get the important elements from the healthy food for baby that make on milk based, like ice cream, porridge with cheese, milk biscuits and yoghurt.

Here is some tips to introduce the formula milk to your baby :
  • In the first week, try to mix breast milk and formula milk by comparison 60 ml breast milk + 2 spoon of formula milk. Make sure that milk has up in one hour.

  • In the second week, try to mix the milk with composition 1 : 1.

  • Do this way continuously on the third and fourth week, while you reducing the breast milk and add composition of formula milk until you can give pure formula milk.

There is no formula milk is 100 % good or not good, because breast milk is the best for babies. So adjust the brand milk according your babies needs.

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