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Pregnant women should pay attention on eating healthy. Especially for pregnant women on vegetarian diet. They don’t consume animal product, like milk. As known that milk is rich with calcium. Pregnant women should consume large amount of calcium. So it should be taken from calcium supplement.
According health professionals, no harmful if pregnant women having vegetarian diet during pregnancy, but they have to care about eating healthy like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals to fulfill the nutritional that she and her baby needed.Eating healthy can create the condition conducive for health of mother and the baby. As we know that during pregnancy, the caloric needed is increase up to 300 caloric than the normal condition. The right healthy eating should be consider to :


During first three months, 300 caloric is enough for pregnant women and these needs can be fulfilled by consume milk products like ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, chocolate cake and also having crackers. But crackers only contain a little of caloric, so pregnant women should have it more often.


So many choices of food with high protein, especially vegetables protein like soybeans. Soybeans have good protein which is not converted into fat. It’s different with the protein that found in meat. In meat, some of protein absorbed will be converted to be fat.


Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamin. Vitamin A, B and E is found in green vegetable. Besides rich with vitamin, green vegetable also consist of folic acid and riboflavin. Vitamin C could be found in fruits like orange, apple, papaya, guava and etc. While vitamin D can be obtained from the sun. Therefore get the sun under 8.00 am.


Calcium, Potassium, Zinc and Iron is an important minerals that required by pregnant women. Calcium is found in milk and its products. Fruits and vegetables like banana, coconut is rich with potassium. Zinc can be found in foods that rich with vitamin B like corn and beans. Iron is very important to keep normality hemoglobin and it found in spinach and another green vegetables.

By keeping eating healthy, pregnant women can keep their healthy until she gets birth her baby in healthy condition too.

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