Jumat, 05 Maret 2010


You must have seen the above one-year-old is still drinking milk from a baby bottle. His parents may be so difficult to wean him from his bottle. The dentist said that one of the factors of tooth decay of the kids is baby bottle. Just because ‘ love ‘ their bottle very much, they don’t have beautiful smile anymore.

You should wean your kids from their bottle earlier. Most doctors and child psychologists recommend 9 -12 months of age as the most appropriate time to release the child from the bottle. Here is some tips to avoid your kid to be ‘ baby bottle lover ‘ :
  • Recommend the glass in stages. Some brands of feeding equipment has the various shape of glass that suitable according your kid’s age.
  • Give the milk or water by the glass ( choose the cover according your kid’s age ) and let them make some experiment with it.
  • Start with once a day using glass, and then some other times use the bottle. In next several weeks the period of bottle using must be reduced and glass using is more often.
  • Say good bye to the bottle after several weeks then use only glass.

If it had succeeded in this stages, never return to the bottle. Because once you get back to the bottle, your kids will use this chance to manage you and get back to be ‘ baby bottle lover ‘.

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