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Dear parents, I’m sure that you’d like your children to grow bright and cheerful. Providing early education is absolutely needed. But, have you been precisely to choose pre-school for your children ?

On 3 – 4 years old is the golden age of your little ‘sweety’. In this age, your children need some challenges in group to ‘pour’ their ideas. Naturally, they always have a big curiosity.

A child growing, both mental and intelligence not only get at home. So they need ‘ place ‘ for learning and interacting. Good pre-school is not only able to stimulate the child to be smart, but also give a chance for the child to explore their world. It’s caused the pre-school education are correlated to children’s academic achievement when they enter to the next education level. A study conducted by the Trust for Early Education ( TEE ), United States, find that the child on 4 years old that have opportunity to learn in pre-school have better capability in terms of spelling and arithmetic. They also have well manage behavior easier and quicker and better in terms of internal absorption. But it also depend on the teacher of the pre-school itself. The teachers that are educated, trained and familiar in the world of early childhood development is an important factor in maximizing the potential growth of their students. Good and right teaching is an important foundation for children to follow the next education level.

But today has been a shift in the basic principles of educational vision and mission of pre-school children. Pre-school tend to be understood as an academic or learning activities (reading, writing and arithmetic). In fact, the most important of pre-school education is how the education leads to the development of basic skills of the child development like discipline, the ability to create and creativity and self-control.

So make the right consideration when choose the pre-school for your children. Try to be critical whether the pre-school you choose have experienced teachers, sensitive and caring nature and have grown up to be able to become your child's ‘trusting bonding’ and be able to support the development of emotional, social, and cognitive abilities of your child. Just remember, that decision to ‘put’ your children in pre-school does not mean that you are completely out of your duty as educator.

Because of a good pre-school is if it makes you as partners in the team, not just those who entrust the care of children. Because after all, you're the parent who could be the real ‘trusting bonding’ for your children.

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