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Still related with my article before, choosing an appropriate pre-school sometimes can be easy but sometimes not. Need consideration, accuracy and also ‘struggle’ to get it. And here is some tips to choose the pre-school :

Make an appointment.

Make appointment with every school to visit. Ask the program or curriculum and adjust the program with your child’s needs. Also ask about how to register, entrance fee, the cost of learning, and facility usage fees.


In some schools, the school survey services are now beginning combined with the observation activities. So when visiting, you’re not only allowed to check the infrastructure of the school, but also can feel the atmosphere of the school directly. Some of schools also have one day trial program for the prospective parents.

Check the ratio

Look at the ratio of teachers to the students. Ideally the ratio of teachers – students is 1 : 3 – 5. So if the numbers of ths students is 12, the teachers who take care of is 3 people ( 2 primary teachers and 1 aides teacher ).

Have same ideology

Choose the schools that have similar ideological which held by the family. It's important that your child does not become confused when getting these lessons.

Observed the characters of the teachers.

Observed the way of the teachers when implement of education and discipline. How did the body language and tone of voice when the teacher scolded the child. Take a look at how social interaction and communication that exists between teachers and students and others.

The Teachers Turn Over.

Observed the turn over of the children. Faculty turnover can be a reference about how the foundation / school management was treating them. The convenience of the teacher can affect the learning process.


Make sure that the school has an adequate facilities and infrastructure that maintained well and clean.


Choose the location of schools that not too far away from home. Don’t takes requires extra cost, time just on trip to the school.

Get the references.

Get information from family or friends who send their children to various pre-school. Ask for information about the situation and the conditions according to their own experiences.

Make second visit

Visit the pre-school that you choose at least twice. At first you come by yourself and the second you come with your child and ask about their opinion. Introduce your child with the teachers that will teach them.

Professional ?

Try to assess, whether the school staff is really professional, trained and even have the educational background of education about children.

No Prestige

Never choose the pre-school just because of prestige. You have to consider about the comfort factor for the child with due regard to environmental factors of schools, don’t make them under pressure.


Ask about the food / snacks are usually given to children. About nutrients and hygiene and also about the health services if the child is getting sick?


Prepare financially sufficient. Each school has a variety of educational costs. Choose schools that match with your financial situation.

So, be smart parents for your smart children.

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